Saucesito Verde

The best part about teaching school in my former life is seeing the incredible lives my former students create for themselves. So many have crafted a life dedicated to service, helping communities and individuals in need. Saving children from the sex trade in Thailand, holding citizens and lawmakers accountable for keeping Alabama’s rivers clean and safe, and providing an opportunity for Peruvian women to support themselves are just a few of the noble paths some of my former students have chosen.

Check out what Carrie Campbell is doing with Saucesito Verde, a cooperative of textile artisans made up of 15 women in the northern Peruvian Andes. These women prepare their own natural dyes and hand-craft woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics. Carrie has been working hard to connect these women to a market for their textiles. What began as a small idea to find retailers has grown, and last fall the group had the unique opportunity to make custom bags for a U.S. designer. This year Carrie has been working to grow a sustainable business model, secure supply chains, create and market new designs, and develop business connections. You can read about this cooperative and their progress at

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